Department of Physics & Astronomy

Awards and Prizes

The department recognizes student excellence through a number of prizes; physics and astronomy students also regularly win prestigious external awards.

Awards to incoming graduate students

Provost's Scholarships reduce the out-of-state tuition fees to the in-state fees for one year. Only a few are awarded each year in the whole university.
2012: Eric Sansone
2011: Riley Williams

Maxwell Scholarships

Maxwell scholarships are awarded to graduate students in the College of Science.
2014: Bruce Laughlin
2013: Bruce Laughlin and Victor Rodriguez
2012: Ali Shayegan and Diana Madera
2011: Casey Moore

Achievement Awards for College Scientists

The ARCS Foundation provides scholarships (currently $10,000) to academically outstanding United States citizens studying to complete their degrees in science, medicine and engineering.

  • 2016/17: Shervin Sahba
  • 2015/16: Shervin Sahba
  • 2013/14: Arthur Adams
  • 2011/12: Scott Shermer
  • 2010/11: Patrick Dunn
  • 2009/10: Greg Bolloten
  • 2008/09: Greg Bolloten and Kelsey Clubb
  • 2007/08: Faustin Carter
  • 2006/07: Aisha Hunte, Liliana Lopez, and Jack Young

Michael and Greta McKinney Scholarship

This departmental scholarship (currently $5000) is awarded annually to a "rising senior majoring in Physics."

  • 2016: Megan Tangonan
  • 2015: Ryan Vaught

Department Research Fellowship

This departmental fellowship (currently $2000) recognizes graduate excellence in research, and is awarded annually.

  • 2015/16: Kristian Chung and Justin Wittrock (shared)

Peter Chau Fellowship

This one-time fellowship ($1000) honors the memory of Peter Chau, and recognizes graduate excellence in research.

  • 2015/16: Manavjot Singh

Marcy Research Fellowship

This departmental fellowship recognized graduate excellence in research, and was awarded annually.

  • 2014/15: Peter Chau
  • 2013/14: Geev Nahal
  • 2012/13: Sam Tsitrin
  • 2011/12: no award
  • 2010/11: Samy Kamal and Srikar Srinath
  • 2009/10: Kim Litwin and James Osborne
  • 2008/09: John Brewer
  • 2007/08: Matt Giguere

Eden Academic Excellence Award

The Eden Award recognizes and rewards B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Physics majors for excellent performance in upper-division or advanced courses required in the major program. Note that students in the following programs are NOT eligible for the Eden Award: B.S. Physics (Concentration in Astrophysics) and the B.S. Physics (Teaching).

  • Fall 2016: Brandon Gunn
  • Spring 2016: Catherine Alviar, Christopher Batters, Eduardo Palacios, Bowen Yu
  • Fall 2015: Sean Barulich, Noah Scandrette, Roy Sfadia
  • Spring 2015: Ho Chan, Conrad Nowak, Dylan Pounds, Daniel Steckhahn, Ryan Vaught, Jiangyan Wu
  • Fall 2014: Javier Barahona, Amirfarhad Izadi, Connor Poland, David Robinson, Graham Siggins, Jiangyan Wu
  • Spring 2014: William Conley, Trevor Kelly, Colton Martin, Stephen Nenni, Connor Poland, David Robinson, Graham Siggins, Darius Visher
  • Fall 2013: Javier Barahona, Drew Bischel, Amirfarhad Izadi, Jordan Jo, Stephen Nenni, Erik Norman, Darius Visher
  • Spring 2013: Drew Bischel, Timothy Gushue, Stephanie Lauber, Nicholas Mathis, Erik Norman, Kathleen Shreve, Taylor Womble-Dahl
  • Fall 2012: Seth Gossage, Timothy Gushue, Christian Hansen, Brian Leung, Wu Li Leung, Nicholas Mathis, Kathleen Shreve
  • Spring 2012: Seth Gossage, Christian Hansen, Zachary Johnson, Brian Leung
  • Fall 2011: Philip Cala, Drake Cannan, Yingquan He, Mayra Lopez-Thibodeaux, Yann Ly, Victor Rodriguez, Sebastian Rozo
  • Spring 2011: Drake Cannan, Daniel Cuneo, Victor Rodriguez
  • Fall 2010: Alex Miller, Howard Nguyen, Matthew Salazar
  • Spring 2010: Daniel Cuneo, Alex Miller, Howard Nguyen, Steve Pehrson, Matthew Salazar
  • Fall 2009: Mary Rose Marcaida, Kazue Matsuyama
  • Spring 2009: Raymundo Becerra, Kazue Matsuyama, Steve Pehrson, Karina Roitman, and Masimi Yoshihara
  • Fall 2008: Karina Roitman, Jason Smith, and Masimi Yoshihara
  • Spring 2008: Daniel Shuldman and Elliot Fuller
  • Fall 2007: Bart Gasiewski, Elliot Fuller, Fred Bates, Jamie Molaro

AAPT Outstanding TA Awards

The award is a free membership in AAPT for one year.
  • 2016: Jack Dillon, Justin Wittrock
  • 2015: Daniel McKeown, Manavjot Singh
  • 2014: Priyanjoli Mukherjee
  • 2012: Scott Shermer
  • 2011: Greg Romine
  • 2010: Patrick Dunn, Andrew Fittingoff, Darrel Lim
  • 2009: Kim Litwin, Polin Yadak
  • 2008: Michelle Krok









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