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Course offerings (with links to web pages/syllabi)

Courses in bold are offered during the current semester

  • A115: Introduction to Astronomy (Digel), (Fielder), (Fries), (Magalhaes), (McCarthy)
  • A116: Astronomy Laboratory
  • A300: Star, Planets, and the Milky Way (McCarthy)
  • A301: Observational Astronomy (Cool)
  • A340/P340: The Big Bang
  • A400/700: Stellar Astrophysics (Kane)
  • A405: Exoplanetary Science (Kane)
  • A470: Observational Techniques in Astronomy
  • A498: Current Research Literature in Astrophysics
  • A685: Projects in the Teaching of Astronomy
  • A722: Radiative Processes and Gas Dynamics in Astrophysics
  • A742: Galaxies and Cosmology (Marzke)
  • A770: Observational Techniques in Astronomy Research
  • P101: Conceptual Physics (Fielder)
  • P102: Conceptual Physics Laboratory
  • P111: General Physics I (Fielder), (Tennant), (lab), (lab), (lab)
  • P121: General Physics II (McCarthy), (Caudy)
  • P220: General Physics with Calculus I (Caudy)
  • P222: General Physics with Calculus I - lab (Caudy)
  • P230: General Physics with Calculus II (Caudy), (Man)
  • P232: General Physics with Calculus II - lab (Caudy)
  • P240: General Physics with Calculus III (Chen)
  • P320: Modern Physics I (Neuhauser)
  • P325: Modern Physics II
  • P330: Analytical Mechanics I (Barranco)
  • P360: Electricity and Magnetism I
  • P370: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • P385: Introduction to theoretical physics (Xu)
  • P430: Quantum Mechanics I (Greensite)
  • P431: Quantum Mechanics II
  • P440/740: Computational Physics
  • P450: Introduction to Solid State Physics (Neuhauser)
  • P457: Principles of Electronics
  • P460: Electricity and Magnetism II (Newaz)
  • P480: Introduction to Optics & Photonics
  • P490: Physics Project Laboratory (Newaz)
  • P491: Advanced Laboratory
  • P695: Culminating Experience in Physics
  • P701: Classical Mechanics (Mahdavi)
  • P704: Graduate Electricity and Magnetism
  • P706: Graduate Quantum Mechanics
  • P710: Advanced Laboratory Techniques
  • P711: Semiconductor Devices and Technology
  • P712: Physics of Plasmas
  • P714: Low-Temperature Physics (Neuhauser)
  • P715: Lasers and Quantum Optics
  • P725: Special and General Relativity (Golterman)
  • P726: Quantum Field Theory
  • P730: Photonics and Nano Materials
  • P775: Graduate Statistical Physics (Jensen)
  • P785: Graduate Theoretical Physics (Lea)
  • P832: Instructional Methods in Physics

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