Department of Physics & Astronomy


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Courses offered every semester:
ASTR 115Introduction to Astronomy
ASTR 116Astronomy Laboratory
ASTR 685Projects in the Teaching of Astronomy
PHYS 101Conceptual Physics
PHYS 102Conceptual Physics Laboratory
PHYS 111General Physics I
PHYS 112General Physics I Laboratory
PHYS 121General Physics II
PHYS 122General Physics II Laboratory
PHYS 220General Physics with Calculus I
PHYS 222General Physics with Calculus I Laboratory
PHYS 230General Physics with Calculus II
PHYS 232General Physics with Calculus II Laboratory
PHYS 240General Physics with Calculus III
PHYS 242General Physics with Calculus III Laboratory

Courses offered in FALL semesters:
ASTR 301Observational Astronomy Laboratory
ASTR 400Stellar Astrophysics
ASTR 700Stellar Astrophysics (paired with ASTR 400)
ASTR 722Radiative Processes & Stellar Atmospheres (even years)
PHYS 320Modern Physics I
PHYS 321Modern Physics Laboratory
PHYS 330Analytic Mechanics I
PHYS 385Introduction to Theoretical Physics
PHYS 430Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 460Electricity & Magnetism II
PHYS 490Physics Project Laboratory
PHYS 491Advanced Laboratory II (GWAR)
PHYS 695Culminating Experience in Physics
PHYS 701Classical Mechanics
PHYS 725Special & General Relativity (odd years)
PHYS 726Quantum Field Theory (even years)
PHYS 775Statistical Physics
PHYS 785Theoretical Physics
PHYS 885Projects in Teaching Physics & Astronomy

Courses offered in SPRING semesters:
ASTR 300Stars, Planets & the Milky Way
ASTR 340The Big Bang (GWAR)
ASTR 405Exoplanetary Science (even years)
ASTR 470Observational Techniques (odd years)
ASTR 498Astronomy Research Literature (sporadically)
ASTR 742Galaxies & Cosmology (odd years)
ASTR 770Observational Techniques in Astro. Research (even years)
ASTR 798Astro Research Literature (with ASTR 498) (sporadically)
PHYS 325Modern Physics II
PHYS 360Electricity & Magnetism I
PHYS 370Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 431Quantum Mechanics II (sporadically)
PHYS 440Computational Physics (even years)
PHYS 450Introduction to Solid State Physics
PHYS 457Introduction to Analog Electronics
PHYS 480Introduction to Optics & Photonics (odd years)
PHYS 704Electricity & Magnetism I
PHYS 706Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 710Advanced Laboratory Techniques
PHYS 712Plasma Physics (odd years)
PHYS 715Lasers & Quantum Optics (odd years)
PHYS 730Photonics & Nanomaterials (even years)
PHYS 740Computational Physics (paired with PHYS 440) (even years)

Courses offered less frequently:
ASTR 341Planetarium Training
PHYS 495Introduction to Apparatus Fabrication
PHYS 711Semiconductor Devices & Technology

Courses in other fields that can count as electives for BA/BS physics & astro degrees:
CHEMcourses with numbers 300 and above
ENGRcourses with numbers 300 and above
ERTHcourses with numbers 400 and above
MATHcourses with numbers 300 and above
BIOL 609Physics in Medicine
BIOL 627Biophysics
CHEM/BIOL 665Optical Engineering for the Biological Sciences
EED 655Hands-on Undergraduate Science Education Experience
SCI 652SF State Science Partners in K-12 Schools

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