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New Students


Welcome to San Francisco State! There is a lot to do here, and we hope that you enjoy yourself. Be sure to check the requirements listings for undergraduate and graduate students. If you're a graduate student, also be sure to check out the Graduate Advisor's website.

Interested in teaching high school or middle school? Please contact Adrienne Cool.

      You should look at the postings from the research programs to find out what is happening in the department. Also, be sure to check our listings of colloquia and other announcements of ongoing events. For an idea of what it's like to be a student here, we suggest that you go the Physics and Astronomy People page and look at the home pages of some of our students.


Maybe you are wondering if one of our degrees will get you a job! Take a look at our alumni page.


New Graduate Students

If you are a new graduate student, please go to the New Grad Web page for more information about deadlines and requirements.


Another great source of information about SFSU can be found on the SFSU "Need Help?" page that can be found by clicking on the Contact link at the bottom of this page and any other page that uses the SFSU template University-wide.







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