Registration in Physics 111 and Physics 112

Concurrent Enrollment Required

Enrollment in Physics 111 (the lecture course) requires enrollment in Physics 112 (the associated lab course) and vice versa.

Exceptions: If you have already passed Physics 112 or its equivalent, then you can take Physics 111 without taking Physics 112 again. If you have already passed Physics 111 or its equivalent, then you can take Physics 112 without retaking Physics 111. In either case, if you have taken the accepted equivalents of these courses at other institutions, please check that the grades you received are listed on your official SFSU record before the first day of classes. If they are not, please bring some other form of proof that you passed these equivalents on the first day of classes.

Be enrolled or wait-listed in the lecture course

If you are not able to enroll in the lecture, please sign up for the Physics 111 wait list. Students who enroll in lab but not lecture will have a lower priority for class spaces than students who sign up for lecture (including students who are on the wait list for lecture).

No labs during first week

Lab sections will not meet during the first week of classes.

Lab Fees

There is a $4 fee for this lab. Lab fees must be paid before the drop deadline.

Pay lab fees online with credit card (MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or electronic check. The third-party vendor contracted by SF State charges a convenience fee of 2.5% for credit card transactions or $0.50 for electronic check transactions. The convenience fee will be added to the total payment amount.
a. To pay online go to the Bursar’s Office website or Using the menu options on the left-hand side select “Web Payment: Using Credit Card and e-Checks” or
b. Login and select “Additional Fees”
c. From the Fee Category pull-down menu select :PHYSICS LAB FEES”

d. From the Fee Description pull-down menu select the appropriate class

e. Complete the payment process.

The on-line system does not accept VISA. If you cannot or do not want to pay on-line, please obtain a payment slip from your lab instructor or from the department office, pay at the cashier's office, and return your receipt to your instructor.
Students with unpaid lab fees will not obtain a grade for the class until the fee is paid.