Department of Physics & Astronomy

Fall 2018 Colloquia

Colloquia take place in Thornton Hall Room 411 (unless otherwise noted). Colloquia generally start at 4:10 PM with light refreshments being served at 4:00.

08/27/2018 No colloquium

09/03/2018 Labor Day (No colloquium)

09/10/2018 Cheng Gong (Postdoc, UC Berkeley Physics)
"Magnetic 2D Materials: Discovery, Challenges and Opportunities"

09/17/2018 Faculty research introductions I (Coble, Jensen, Newaz, Xu)
Followed by Physics & Astronomy Club Meet & Greet, 5-7 pm, food & drinks provided

09/24/2018 Faculty research introductions II (Cool, Greensite, Mahdavi, Man)

10/01/2018 Shambhu Ghimire (P.I., Pulse Institute at Stanford U)
"Novel Ultrafast Probe for Materials"

10/08/2018 Cassandra Paul (Asst. Prof., San Jose State U Physics)
"Grading Practices in Introductory Physics: Hidden Inequities"

10/15/2018 Aaron Roodman (Professor, Stanford U Physics)
"The Fastest Eye on the Sky: The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope"

10/22/2018 Daniel Weisz (Asst. Prof., UC Berkeley Astronomy)
"The Lowest-Mass Galaxies In the Early Universe: Insights from the Local Group"

10/29/2018 What are REU Programs?

10/15/2018 Yat Li (Professor, UC Santa Cruz Chemistry)
"Hierarchical porous carbon structures for supercapacitors"

11/12/2018 Veteran's Day (No colloquium)

11/19/2018 Thanksgiving Break (No colloquium)

11/26/2018 Eric Ayars (Professor, CSU Chico Physics)
CANCELLED due to wild fires near Chico

12/03/2018 Jessica Lu (Asst. Prof., UC Berkeley Astronomy)
"Star Formation in Extreme Environments"

12/10/2018 Courtney Dressing (Asst. Prof., UC Berkeley Astronomy)
"Exploring Planetary Systems Orbiting Nearby Stars"

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