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Connecting to the Computer System Over the Web

The best way to access the Department computer system from off campus is through the SSH (secure shell) protocol. However, some computers may not have a ssh client installed. In this case, it is possible to log onto the system directly from a web browser. This requires the user to have a special password; this password can be obtained from the Physics and Astronomy office, via email or by calling 415-338-1659. In extremis, the system manager will also supply this password.


Once armed with this password, follow the procedure below:


  • Go to the URL

  • After a few seconds a window will open, displaying:





    with the following text at the bottom of the screen:

    SSH Server/Alias:

  • Respond by pressing ENTER. You will then see the prompt

    SSH Server/Alias:
    Connected to server running SSH-2.0-3.1.0 SSH Secure Shell (non-commercial)

    Server's hostkey (ssh-dss) fingerprint
    openssh md5: 59:08:cf:b4:61:ae:20:e0:8c:fa:2b:31:3c:e5:f0:55
    bubblebabble: xugac-zyloh-tipaf-maman-godec-buzar-rovyd-bumev-luhoc-hebup-lexex

    File operations disabled, server identity can't be verified login:


  • Log in, using the user name portal, and the password you got from the office. login: portal's password: ********
    Last login: Sun Aug 25 2002 17:55:14 -0700 from adsl-206-170-148
    FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE (GENERIC) #0: Tue Sep 18 11:57:08 PDT 2001
    No mail.
    Enter host name:

    • NOW you act like you were telnetting in: put in the machine you want to connect to (e.g.,, your user name, and your password:

      Enter host name:
      Enter user name: jashcroft's password: ********
      Last Login: Sun Aug 25 2002 15:34:17 -0800 from th123-22 sfsu.ed

      Welcome to Quark

      You have mail.


  • Now you can read your mail with pine and do any other Unix business you have! Refer to Unix Logins for more information.





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