Department of Physics & Astronomy

Spring 2009 Colloquia


All colloquia will take place in Thornton Hall Room 411 unless otherwise noted. Colloquia generally start at 4:05 PM with refreshments being served at 3:50. Talks that are specifically marked to take place in Thornton 429 begin at 4:00 with refreshments at 3:45.

Past Colloquia: Fall 08

2/2 Anthony Aguirre, UC Santa Cruz
The Inflationary Multiverse
2/9 Jung-Tsung Shen, Stanford University
Novel Properties of Light- and Meta-Materials
2/16 Fang Peng, CalTech
Plasma Physics in Galaxy Clusters
2/23 Eliot Quataert, UC Berkeley
New Forms of Convection in Galaxy Cluster Plasmas: How do Galaxy Clusters Boil?
3/2 Ophir Auslaender, Stanford University
Probing microscopic and dynamical properties of superconducting vortices by vortex dragging
3/9 Jerry Moloney, University of Arizona
Extreme Nonlinear Optics with Ultrashort Intense Laser Pulses
3/16 Gibor Basri, UC Berkeley
The Search for Earth-Sized Planets Around Other Stars
3/23 No Colloquium (spring break)
3/30 Na Young Kim, Stanford
Towards Solid-state Bose-Hubbard Quantum Simulators
3/30 No Colloquium
4/13 Special Panel
Careers in Teaching and Outreach
4/20 Horacio Camblong, USF
Topics in General Relativity
4/27 Maarten Golterman, SFSU
Topics in QCD
5/4 Srinivas Raghu
Topics in Medical Physics
5/11 No Colloquium
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