Department of Physics & Astronomy

Spring 2016 Colloquia

All colloquia will take place in Thornton Hall Room 411 unless otherwise noted. Colloquia generally start at 4:05 PM with refreshments being served at 3:50.
Past Colloquia: F08 S09 F09 S10 F10 S11 F11 S12 F12 S13 F13 S14 F14 S15 F15

02/05 Topics in Physics
02/08 TBA
02/12 TBA
02/15 TBA
02/19 TBA
02/22 TBA
02/26 TBA
02/29 TBA
03/14 Prof. Sean hartnoll, Stanford University,
4/4 Prof. Ahmet Yildiz, UC Berkeley,
The Mechanism of Cytoplasmic Dynein Motility
4/11 Prof. Phil Bucksbaum, Stanford,
4/18 Dr. Carolyn Porco,
Visiting Distingushed Scholar at UC Berkeley and Fellow at Cal Academy,
Enceladus, Saturn's Geysering Moon: An Abode of Life?
LIB 121 (Please note special Location)
4/25 Prof. Tesla Jeltema, UCSC
05/09 Prof. Karl Bibber, UC Berkeley,
Tuning to Radio KSVZ: The search for the Axion and Dark Matter of the Universe
05/16 Prof. Lauren Tompkins, Stanford,
The ATLAS Experiment @ 13 TeV: Dispatches from the Energy frontier
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