Department of Physics & Astronomy

Chair: Ron Marzke
Associate Chair: Maarten Golterman
Graduate Advisor, Physics: Susan Lea
Graduate Advisor, Astronomy: Andy Mahdavi
Undergraduate Coordinator: Joe Barranco
Undergraduate Physics Advisors: Joe Barranco, Zhigang Chen, Jeff Greensite, Weining Man, Barbara Neuhauser
Undergraduate Astronomy Advisors: Joe Barranco, Maarten Golterman
Advisor for Secondary School Teacher Preparation: Adrienne Cool


Joseph Barranco

Associate Professor
Office: TH 308
Phone: 415-338-2450
Email: barranco
Research: Fluid dynamics and planetary formation.

Zhigang Chen

Office: TH 526
Phone: 415-338-3876
E-mail: zhigang
Research: Nonlinear Optics and Photonics.

Kim Coble

Associate Professor
Office: SCI 387
E-mail: kcoble
Research: Physics and astronomy education

Adrienne Cool

Office: TH 416
Phone: 415-338-6450
E-mail: cool
Research: Stars and stellar clusters.

Maarten Golterman

Office: TH 334
Phone: 415-405-0903
E-mail: maarten
Research: Theoretical high-energy physics.

Jeff Greensite

Office: TH 304
Phone: 415-338-1600
Email: greensit
Research: Theoretical high-energy physics.

Kristan Jensen

Assistant Professor
Office: TH 305
Phone: 415-338-1969
Email: kristanj
Research: String theory and quantum field theory.

Susan Lea

Office: TH 532
Phone: 415-338-1655
Email: slea
Research: Theoretical astrophysics.

Andy Mahdavi

Associate Professor
Office: TH 527
Phone: 415-338-1697
Email: amahdavi
Research: Cosmology and dark matter.

Weining Man

Associate Professor
Office: SCI 386
Phone: 415-338-2731
Email: weining
Research: Condensed matter physics.

Ron Marzke

Office: TH 525
Phone: 415-338-2955
Email: marzke
Research: Galaxies and galactic structure.

Barbara Neuhauser

Office: TH 540
Phone: 415-338-1468
Email: barbjn
Research: Physics of cryogenic electronics.

AKM Newaz

Assistant Professor
Office: TH 317
Phone: 415-338-2944
Email: akmnewaz
Research: Quantum materials and nanodevices.

Huizhong Xu

Associate Professor
Office: TH 316
Email: huizhong
Research: Nano-optics and biophysical imaging.

Adjunct Professors, Lecturers, and Postdocs

Ron Adler

Adjunct Professor
Email: adler

Mary Barsony

Adjunct Professor
Email: mbarsony

Billy Caudy

Office: SCI 386
Email: wcaudy

Doug Codron

Office: TH 328
Email: dcodron

Jeanne Digel

Office: TH 328
Email: digelj

Jack Dillon

Jack Dillon


Email: jdillon
TH 528

Jessica Fielder

Office: SCI 356
Phone: 415-338-6372
Email: jfielder

Debra Fischer

Adjunct Professor
E-mail: fischer

Arefa Hossian

Email: hossain.arefa

Fred Lipschultz

Adjunct Professor
Office: TH 106
Phone: 415-338-1468
Email: lipschul

Chris McCarthy

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: TH 520
Phone: 415-338-1880
Email: chris

Susan (Xiuyan) Mitchell

Office: Trailer Q-3
Email: xiuyanm

Elaine Tennant

Office: SCI 356
Email: et1083

Polin Yadak

Office: SCI 386
Email: poliny

Professors Emeriti

Roger Bland

Professor Emeritus
Office: TH 208
Phone: 415-338-2433
E-mail: bland
Research: Underwater acoustic physics.

John Burke

Email: burke

Gerald Fisher

Email: fisher

Oliver Johns

Email: ojohns

Jim Lockhart

Email: jmlock

Jim Peters

Email: peters

Robert Rogers

Email: rrogers

Charles Shapiro

Email: shapiro









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