No food or drink is allowed in the planetarium. Please have water and snacks before you come in. No coffee cups, water bottles, etc.

No use of cell phones, cameras, laptops or any other screen device in the planetarium. The planetarium needs to be very dark in order for people to be able to see the stars. The stray light from even a single dimmed screen is enough to wash out the projection and spoil the show for everybody. We are very serious about this and will stop the show if there is any use of screen electronics.

Do not wear shoes or other clothing that makes flashes of light. No in-and-out access during shows. It is very distracting to the audience to have the door open and light come in. Please do your bathroom breaks before the show starts. Likewise, no late arrivals will be admitted once the show begins.

Please stay in your seats once the show starts. It will be very dark and it is not safe to move about in there in the dark. We understand the temptation to bounce in the bouncy seats, but please do not do it. It makes noise and it's hard on the seats.

Please don't talk during the show. It distracts the rest of the audience and makes it hard for them to hear what we're saying. Depending on the audience, there may be opportunity to ask questions during the show. There will certainly be a chance to ask questions before and after the show.


Come with questions. After the show you will have a chance to ask any astronomy-related questions you may have, whether or not they are directly related to the show.

Pay attention to what is being said. The more you listen, the more you will learn.

Think about what astronomy you know already. Think about constellations you already know. Have you seen the stars and constellations in any movies?

Remember that what we're showing you is in the real sky. Make plans to go out and look at the real sky and try to find what we've shown you.