Classes that use the Observatory

Several SF State courses make use of the Observatory.  Astronomy 116 students use the telescopes to complete one or more observing assignments over the course of the semester.  Astronomy 115 instructors may also assign optional homework to be completed in the Observatory. Students in the junior-level Astronomy 301 lab make extensive use of the Observatory as they develop their knowledge of the night sky, learn to operate the telescopes, and study telescope optics. Students in the advanced Astronomy 470/770 lab carry out projects in the Observatory as they study astronomical photometric and spectroscopic techniques.

Students who complete Astronomy 301 are eligible to become Observatory docents, for which they can receive a unit of credit. Students who are interested in becoming docents but have not yet completed Astronomy 301 may apply to become apprentice docents. Interested in becoming a docent? Please contact the Observatory Director.