Interested in taking a class in the planetarium? Several options are available. Questions? Please contact the Planetarium Director.

Astronomy 116 Astronomy Laboratory (GE)

Students in this course make use of the planetarium for many of their weekly laboratory activities. Astronomy 116 fulfills the General Education laboratory science requirement (area B3). Typically ten sections of Astronomy 116 are offered each semester, serving approximately 300 students. Students interested in this lab must take Astronomy 115 or is equivalent as a prerequisite or co-requisite.

Astronomy 301 Observational Astronomy Laboratory

Students majoring or minoring in astronomy, or with a particular interest in the subject, make use of the advanced capabilities of the planetarium in Astronomy 301. They use it to study astronomical coordinate systems, make sense of the apparent motions of the sun, stars, and planets, and learn their way around the night sky in preparation for mastering the use of the telescopes in the SFSU Observatory. Prerequisites for this course are: (1) Astronomy 115 or Astronomy 300 and (2) Physics 111 or Physics 220

Planetarium Workshop

A training program for students interested in learning to operate the planetarium projector and create shows is offered as a weekly workshop. An introductory workshop is typically offered in the fall semester followed by an advanced workshop in the spring, depending on demand. The prerequisite for participating in the workshop is one semester of astronomy, typically Astronomy 115 or Astronomy 300. Students from all majors are welcome and encouraged. Students who successfully complete the workshop may receive one unit of Astronomy 685 credit. Enrollment is limited; please contact the Planetarium Curator for further information.

Elementary Education 655 Hands-on Undergraduate Science Education Experience ("STEM HOUSE")

Undergradates who take the fall-semester offering of EED 655 study the space-science content in the elementary and middle school science curriculum using a variety of hands-on activities, including activities that take place in the planetarium. Students develop lesson plans and teach the material to groups of school children who come to the SFSU campus on field trips. Open to all majors with upper-division standing; recommended for students considering a career in K-12 teaching.