Academic Integrity

Department Policy on Academic Ethics

The following policies are adopted as default policies for homework and exams.

Modifications for specific courses should be explicitly stated in the syllabus and as part of exams.


The Department encourages collaborative work among students.

Consultation of books and internet sources and help from persons inside or outside the Department, for the purpose of understanding the course material, is allowed. However, the following guidelines must be respected:

  • Homework solutions submitted must be the student’s original work. A copy of a group solution does not qualify as original work.
  • Direct quotes or citing of results from sources (including the class text) must be acknowledged.

Takehome Exams

Only original work, with no help from outside sources or people, can contribute to working the exam. Specifically:

  • Required texts may be consulted; no other books.
  • Notes distributed in class may be used.
  • Personal class notes may be consulted (not someone else’s, though).
  • No discussion of the exam with anyone.
  • No information from the internet.
  • The class instructor may be consulted during office hours.
  • The instructor shall make any hints or clarifications given available to all students in the class