Halloween Pumpkin Drop!

Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Event Time 12:00 p.m. - 02:00 p.m. PT
Location Cesar Chavez Building
Contact Email jcampbellnaranjo@mail.sfsu.edu


Hello Friends and Colleagues,


      We invite you to participate in the Halloween Pumpkin Drop hosted by SPACE! The Pumpkin Drop will be part of the SFSU Fall Festival on Tuesday, October 31st from 12pm - 2pm. As a participant in the Pumpkin Drop, you and your team members will toss a pumpkin from the roof of the Cesar Chavez Building onto targets on the ground. Points and candy will be awarded based on accuracy.

What strategy will you take? 
Try to calculate the optimal trajectory? Or eyeball your throw?
Will you surrender your gourd to the whims of gravity? Or demonstrate your prowess with projectile motion?
Or maybe you just want to see that pumpkin go SPLAT, and the free candy is just icing on the top!  


      Whatever your perspective, we hope you will join us by using the sign-up link below! The Fall Festival will also include a costume contest, and tabling fair hosted by the Division of Student Life; so there will be something for everyone!



SPACE 2023 Pumpkin Drop Registration

The pumpkin drop will take place 10/31 12pm-2pm at the Cesar Chavez student center. Teams of up to 4 will throw pumpkins from the roof at hula hoop targets on the ground, with points/ candy awarded based on which targets have pumpkin in them and/or where they impact.



Good luck with midterms and we hope to see you there!

-The officers of SPACE (Students of Physics and Astronomy, a Community for Everyone)

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