Support Physics & Astronomy

You can make a difference!

The San Francisco State University Department of Physics and Astronomy is a launching pad for our students to great futures. We are particularly proud of our record in graduating students in underrepresented groups in numbers greatly exceeding the national average.

Contributions to the department help support:

  • Student fellowships and scholarships: Recognize the achievements of our excellent and diverse students by helping to fund their education and their advancement to future careers.
  • Facilities: We always welcome donations in support of our planetarium. This is the only starball projecting planetarium in San Francisco, and is used not only in general education and majors’ classes, but also in outreach to the community. Every semester many schoolchildren enjoy shows put on by Dr. James Gibson and his student assistants — at no cost to the children or to the school.
  • Endowments: Support finding amazing discoveries in astronomy, experimental and theoretical physics, and education. Our faculty integrate student training into advancing their cutting-edge research projects in optics, condensed matter physics, theoretical particle physics, observational cosmology, underwater acoustics, stellar populations in globular clusters, theory and observations of planetary and stellar systems, and much more.

To donate now, visit the College of Science and Engineering site for donations and direct your gift to the Physics and Astronomy Department. Thank you for your support!